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MZ STEEL focus on special steel and nickel alloys

Established in 2018, MZ STEEL is a based multinational enterprise specializing in the manufacture and sales of “MZ STEEL” special steel and nickel alloys material.
To meet the increasing demand of the international market for “MZ STEEL” special steel and nickel alloys material, the company selected the city of shanghai
in Jinshan Zone to establish MZ STEEL CO., LTD.which paves the way for the company to become an international leading brand in the future.

Top International Talents to Meet Various Customers Requirements

The president of MZ STEEL CO., LTD devoted his whole life to the manufacture and sales of “MZ STEEL” special steel and nickel alloys material,
he leads his team to process high-quality products that satisfied all customers.
The president is well versed in the art of people management; he also incorporated positive ideas from Chinese culture into his work. For example,
he puts the “INTEGRITY” spirit of the Chinese culture into the development of stainless steel material, making every order just like God's gift.
Therefore it is no wonder that MZ STEEL makes the proud achievement of 90% of the product in their company.


Supply Joint Stock Company (MZSTEEL) is a leading and professional supplier of  Special Steel and Nickel Alloy products from China.

The contribution of our dedicated associates who used to hold the key role & position at international famous companies and reliable partners enable MZ STEEL
to provide customers with access to a full range of products manufactured by worldwide outstanding factories;
including special steel and nickel alloys Sheet / Plate; Seamless & Welded Pipes, Tubes; Steel Bar Fitting & Flanges; Gauges & Valves; Grating, Plate & Supporting System for Instrument System and Process System.

Our high-quality products meet a variety of international standards: API, ASTM, ASME, BS, DIN ISO, JIS, MSS, SAE…

Our stocks are the most comprehensive in Chinese, with further backup from our continental partners.

Performing under pressure, We are able to provide customer PIMACS products: high performance with ease of Installation & Maintenance; Availability with the lowest overall Cost and Safety.

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