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  • 2205 Stainless Steel Grade

    The yield strength of 2205 duplex stainless steel is more than twice as high as that of ordinary austenitic stainless steel. This feature enables designers to reduce weight in designing products, making this alloy more cost-effective than 316,317L. This alloy is especially suitable for the temper...
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  • SS904L Plate | SS904L Coils

    SS904L Plate | SS904L Coils | SS904L Shim Plate | SS904L Chequered Plate | SS904L Perforated Sheet | SS904L Plate | SS904L Flat Plate MZ STEEL is one of the leading 904L Stainless Steel Plate Suppliers. We are a professional manufacturer of 904L Plate and maintain all the international stand...
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  • Austenitic stainless steel

    Austenitic stainless steel has good production process performance, especially chromium-nickel austenitic stainless steel. Conventional means of producing special steel can smoothly produce plates, pipes, strips, wires, bars, forgings and castings of various common specifications. Because of the...
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  • 310S is also called 2520 China Standard (GB):0Cr25Ni20

    ASTM: 310S, BS EN: 1. 4845 Characteristic: Suitable for making all kinds of furnace components, the highest temperature is 1300 C, and the continuous use temperature is 1150 C. 310S is a standard method for stainless steel in the United States. Its domestic label is (2520) 0Cr25Ni20. It is an aus...
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  • Classification of stainless steel labels

    Stainless steel is divided into: Austenitic stainless steel (201, 202, 301, 304, 309, 309S, 310, 310S, 316, 316L, 317, 317L, 321, 347, 409,) 2. Super Austenitic Stainless Steel (904L, 254SMo) 3. Martensitic stainless steel (410, 420, 431) IV. Ferritic Stainless Steel (430, 434) V. Austenite-marte...
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  • What is stainless steel?

    Stainless steel is one of the most common steel materials in instrument work. Understanding the knowledge of stainless steel is helpful to help the instrumenter to better grasp the instrument selection and use. Stainless steel is the abbreviation of stainless acid-resistant steel. Weak corrosion-...
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  • The main representative grade of duplex stainless steel

    The main representative grades of duplex stainless steel can be generally divided into four categories: 1. Low alloy type – representative grade: UNS S32304 (23Cr-4Ni-0.1N) 2. Medium alloy type – representative grade: UNS-S31803 (22Cr-5Ni) -3Mo-0.1N)  3. high alloy type – repres...
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  • Definition and characteristics of stainless Steel Seamless Pipe

    1. Stainless steel seamless pipe definition Stainless steel seamless pipe is a long strip of steel with hollow section and no joints around it. 2. The characteristic of stainless steel seamless pipe First, the thicker the wall thickness of this product, the more economical and practical it is, an...
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  • Different Types of Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet

    From domestic regions, automotive industry to the commercial building, steel sheets are widely used in a number of applications. In today’s’ world, stainless steel products have becoming an integral component due to its effective construction and their availability in different variety and forms....
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  • What to considered while choosing stainless sheet

    Staintless steel products are quite popular in today’s world for its effective construction, these are well availed in the market. This is also popular because of the cost-effectiveness of the material, providing outstanding corrosion resistance and excellent workability. Steel sheets can withsta...
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  • Common terms of the manufacturing process of steel

    The manufacturing process of steel is certainly confusing and complex, and requires and extensive amount of unique terms that describe specifically what is happening during the process. You may have heard a few of them before, but aren’t sure what they entail. We’ve outlined a few of the common t...
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  • Stainless steel has been an essential part of human being

    The inception of heavy metal is a boon to the person. The utilization of stainless steel by the individual is starting from hotel industries, pharmaceutical industries to manufacturing units. It has neither gone futile since it came to light nor it will be in the future. It has been generally ack...
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