MZ STEEL stainless steel & special steel

MZ STEEL is a modern and comprehensive steel service company specializing in processing, sales and technical services in the field of stainless steel and special steel.

MZ STEEL has branches in Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh and Karachi. It has well-known suppliers all over the world and the largest and most complete spot platform in China. It has a large inventory of stainless steel and special steel. It is a well-known stainless steel and special steel brand.

MZ STEEL has expanded from the traditional industry to the cutting-edge fields of petroleum and petrochemical, new energy, bio-pharmaceutical, electronic communication, mechanical engineering, special ships, rail transportation, aerospace and other fields, and can provide customers with a variety of stainless steel and special steel materials.

MZ STEEL aims to build a world-renowned brand, increase global brand awareness, and bring customers materials that meet different execution standards.不锈钢卷3_副本

Post time: Oct-31-2019
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